Just a Weeia Q & A

I received this book free of charge from the author/publisher.

Just in time for a new book review Dearies!

This is the first novel in a new series written by author Elle Boca, titled Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia.


I was unfamiliar with this author’s work before I picked up this novel. The cover is what caught my attention. The city of Paris on full display in a beautiful photograph that captures the magic and allure of the city. So I was interested to see what this novel had in store. I also was lucky in getting the opportunity to do a Questions section where I sent the author a few questions in hopes that we all together could learn a little more about this world she had created.

But first, to review the novel. Now, in my style, I won’t be doing any spoilers, so don’t worry Dearies.


When we first meet our character, we are sort of thrown into her story mid-step. We learn about Danni as we read the novel; who she is, what she’s lived and this feels a bit like more of a self-exploration story. This novel was for Danni to sort of come into her own as a person and as a member of this world normal humans don’t know anything about. She is a member of what is known as the Weeia and she has made it her life’s work to protect and uphold the laws. As the story unfolds, we learn more about a mystery that quickly becomes our (the reader’s) main interest. There’s a lot of things that happen as this story unfolds, but the characters are fun and well-written with great detail and lots of interesting moments that will keep you as a reader interested.

There is a magical/fantasy element as well as some spy like stuff that makes it fun and of course, the heart of it all….a mystery our young Weeia must solve. Toss on a little romance and cut it into a triangle, and we’re all cooking now in the pot. The end result is a savory and enjoyable novel that will be enjoyed by several audiences. There’s nothing too adult in this novel such as foul language or sex-scenes, so it’s a good choice for the 15+ crowd for sure.

All in all I enjoyed the book and didn’t find any slow parts that lagged. I enjoy reading new authors and I hope you’ll pick this one up and you’ll enjoy it too.

NOW! Onto the Q & A portion!


First off, I would like to thank Ms. Elle Boca for allowing me to do this, it’s exciting since this is my first time 🙂

1. What got you interested in writing in this genre?

That is easy! I enjoy ready urban fantasy.

2. Which part of the story came first? Was it character creation or was it a specific plot piece?

The character, definitely. Amy, the narrator in my five book Miami urban fantasy series, was a powerful yet understated personality. When that series ended I searched for a completely different character who could continue carrying the Weeia torch in her own unique, as one reader put it snarky, voice. That is Danni.

3. A good chunk of the story takes place in Paris, was there a certain place that made you want to base this story there?

So many! The city in general lends itself to stories. Paris is one of those magical places people are drawn to from near and far.

4. How would you describe a Weeia?

 The Weeia (pronounced way-yah) are like you or me in almost every way except that they have superhuman abilities. They live hidden among us unnoticed. It could be your neighbor, banker, boss or doctor, even a person you’ve known all your life. Chances are they’re not because most of them live in secluded neighborhoods or small towns.

Weeia who choose to live with people are usually in big cities where they’re most likely to blend in with the crowds. The abilities of Weeia among us are always explained away. They look like us; they hurt and bleed like we do. Their DNA is human.

Their super abilities vary by type and strength. They fall into four main categories: Emotional, Material, Mental, and Temporal. Weeia, it’s the same word for one or many, can be Lowes, Medius or Maximus depending on how strong an ability they have. Lowes is the most common which might explain how extraordinary beings have lived on the same planet with ordinary ones for a long time without anyone, or hardly anyone, discovering their existence.

There are multitude abilities among the Weeia, some common and some rare. For example, there are Weeia who can move so quickly no one sees them. Others heal very fast. Some can read people’s thoughts; pick up impressions from inanimate objects; or move things with their mind. There are those who have the ability to influence people and issue commands that must obeyed without fail. Rare Weeia control reality through dreams or travel in time.

5. There are a lot of interesting characters that show up in the story, do you have a favorite? If yes, what is it about them that you love?

Thank you! I hope to bring them alive, to give them depth so they’re not uni dimensional just good or bad. It’s hard to say… Danni has a special place in my heart because she tries so hard and life has definitely dealt her some lemons. Plus, she’s an introvert on a tight budget in an expensive city of extroverts where appearances are so important. Ernie is a genius. I love his brilliance, his generosity of spirit and his deep love for Danni even if he is halfway across the world away. Iaen is an intriguing tough guy, right? When she meets him Danni is convinced he is selfish and not to be trusted, but is that true?

6. Did you write this novel and the sequel back to back?

 Yes, once Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia was in the publishing stages I began Weeia on My Mind. Likewise, once Weeia on My Mind was being published I started writing Smells Like Weeia Spirit. Although each book is designed so it can be read as a title by itself the books are linked with common threads and a unifying story.

7. Do you have any more plans for Danni and her story?

Absolutely, her story continues in Smells Like Weeia Spirit, book three of the Paris Marshals Series.

8. There’s a bit of a romantic triangle, have you decided who Danni might end up with?

Yes and no. I decided some aspects in the outline for the series and fine tune them when I write the outline for the individual books.

9. Do you have a favorite scene or part of the book?

 It is difficult to say… I love Danni’s slow discovery of Paris. It is like I am rediscovering the city along with her.

10. What is your usual writing plan? Do you just sit down and write or do you plot it out and write by plan?

I outline the series and then the individual books from a big picture perspective. As I am fleshing out the story some fine tuning takes place, but the salient issues are more or less set.

11. Do you have any plans to continue to expand this universe you’ve created?

For now, I plan to continue Danni’s stories in Paris. After that, I am not sure.

Once again, thank you so much again for answering these questions and I look forward to what comes next.


The sequel to this novel, Weeia On My Mind is also available now.

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